Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Favour Granted :)


How's life? I'mma back, with some news regarding future events~!!

Eliot ( I spelled it correctly this time hoho!! Though I wonder, how come it isn't elliot? Like Elliot Yamin :) )

is having a Christmas Dinner on the 27th of December

- 6-9pm
- Venue 1Utama or Curve, open for suggestion, I suggested Itallianies
- Eliot would like to know how many people are coming so he can make reservations
- Leave a comment or contact him to let him know if you want a place to be booked

You can get him at .... 01- OMG I LOST THE CONTACT PAPER!!

Okay okay serious now... Just ask ur team leader for Eliot's number, they should hv it :)

Oh yeah, the Taman Tun trip was nice, we will go again next time with my seducing game!! Muahaha

Thx Steven for the pics~!

He will now be assisting me on postings~ Yeah~

I'm more of a writing type blogger lar, and he's more of the pic types.

So if we both work together it will be .... Magical :))

But sometimes it's hard for him to meet up with me to pass me the pics so he'll be doing some postings :)

Thank you so much for your cooperation :)