Friday, August 29, 2008

The Grass Is Always Greener In Madigras

Okay... Let's take a break from Prom Night. Don't worry, updates will come :)

Now on to... The charity event at Madigras club in One Utama.

Hoho, you'll never guess what happened :)

Actually. The turn up was abit bad :( But that's fine.

In such situations you just... make things more fun for yourself.

How? It requires a lil... effort on your part you could say.

Before I move on, just would like to clarify that this event was organized for charity purposes for a shelter home, by our ex-president Yee Ling, if I'm not mistaken? My apologies if I got her name wrong, don't really know her yet :D

So anyway, this is how it went down. I'll give you the fake version and real version of what happened. (Got such thing meh? Now got lar :) )

The Emcee for the night was an indian guy named Pravein from TAR college :)

Fake Version :

Pravein : Any guy and girl willing to come down to dance?

Danny : Hoho, I'm going :D

Pravein : Hey, what's your name?

Danny : Heathe Ledger

Pravein : If you're Heathe Ledger then I'm Christian Bale

Danny : Deal.

Pravein : Wait, you're supposed to be dead

Danny : God you're so hot... *wipes saliva*

Pravein : Wha-?

Danny : Why so serious?? *Licks upper lip*

Pravein : Are... are you okay? You're scaring me...

Danny : Do you know how to make the pencil disappear? *Licks upper lip*

Pravein : I know! *Takes Danny's head and bangs it onto the table*

Danny : What the... Use ERASER LAR!!

Pravein : Oh... I thought you acting as the Joker in the Batman. Somemore you licking your lip and all.

Danny : My upper lip bleeding lar! And its the Joker whose supposed to bang the person's head. And I was asking why you so serious? Heathe Ledger die doesn't mean I'm dead too =.=

Pravein : Oh... 1000 apologies

Danny : By the way, do you know how I got these scars?

Pravein : Birth Mark?

Danny : Cause you bang my head on the table.

Okay, so maybe we don't look like Heathe Ledger and Christian Bale. (This applies especially for him >.>) So this is the real version. Not every word is similar, it's just according to my memory

Real Version:

Pravein : Can I get someone down to dance? I need a guy and a girl.

Danny : I'm going, hoho :D

Pravein : Eh you gay argh!? Don't touch me!! (And that's how we met. Believe it)

Danny : Hi :D

Pravein : Okay. Can I get a girl? Please? Anyone?

Danny : Aih.. they scared of me lar, maybe they scared I not straight :O

Pravein : No lar, must be confident man. Okay DJ, start the music, let's watch him get loose.
(Yeah well, he asked for it)

Just so you guys know, I don't go for dancing classes or even break dancing classes. So what I did there was just... Impromptu.

Once the music was louder I started break dancing on the floor. But I only know two moves lar. Wait till I start learning first k? Not bad weih, at least the crowd cheered. And come on, I never went for any classes. Imagine doing something you've never really learnt or practice as impromptu. Hoho, not too shabby eh?

Then I pulled our Pravein down to dance with me. He thought I was crazy. Really. I was jumping around him. So he told the DJ to stop.

Since this is getting really long... I better cut it short. Due to popular demands, I was called out again. Actually no lar... maybe no one else wanted to do it. Haha. So the next round I ended up grinding with a guy :D

Trust me, he enjoyed it :) Ah, yes, his name is Lingesh from Taylor's. And so is his two friends, Emeris(not sure how to spell) who sang three songs. Nice voice :) and.... what's your name ar? The girl I gave my number to. I can't remember lol. Sorry, I'm getting old. Leave your name at the chat box >>>> or something if you ever do read this :) and Emeris too. Actually anyone's encouraged to write in the chat box.

Oh yeah, guys, I didn't ever tell you all this but, I'm 17 this year :D (you should've seen Pravein's face when I told him that) Yeah, skipped standard 4 :) I know, I look very old. That's good if you want to get into clubs easily as an underaged person. But... don't tell anyone lar.. After I can't go clubbing :(

Hm.. Taylor's and TAR college. And I'll be going to Segi for my external exam. Well, it would be good to keep a good relationship among colleges :) But as for that we'll leave it to the oh-so-near darling future (I just can't forget that line)

Hope the post wasn't too long. I did try to shorten it a lot.

Ah... It's late, nitez~

Yours Sincerely (always makes me feel like I'm writting a letter to someone)

dan the man~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mercy Chaman...

Game Suggestion 3 : Imitation

In this game, the players have to imitate what the person is doing. For instance, if we get a good dancer to start dancing, then everyone has to follow suit.

If they get a monkey like me to dance, everyone has to follow suit as well :)

Oh, don't get me started on how I dance, you definitely don't wanna know :)

Game Suggestion 4 : I don't really know what this game is called

Straws will be given to the participants. Short straws, mind you, about 3 or 4 inches. So what the participants have to do is, they have to put the straw in their mouth and pass a rubber band to each other. Okay, make the straw 2 or 3 inches. The team with most rubber bands passed on wins. The catch here is.... The straw is so short that the participants will be quite close to kissing each other. It might even happen. Who knows?






Haha, so that concludes all the four games. Referring to the previous post...

Chaman, please don't kill me. Honey, if you love me please don't kill me? :D

If, I pass away within the next 24 hours, you guys know who did it.

Please, if that happens, visit my funeral instead of Prom Night :D

So, all the games are in pairs. Any feedback, comments, whatsoever are welcome. Except secret crush mails.

Even if you have your own game suggestion please feel free to tell us :D

Man, it's a long post, I shall call it a night :)

Yours Sincerely,

dan the man~

Honey if you love me, please smile :D

Game Suggestion 2: Honey if you love me, please smile :DDDDDDDDDDD

My personal favourite game. Lots of smiles :D

We should play this in SC sometime.

Its another pair game :D Pair games are good especially since it's prom night after all. One person will try to make his target smile or laugh by er... seducing him or her with words :) An interesting thing about this game is that it can be a guy and guy pairing. Or girl and girl too. Instead of plain guy and girl pairing.

The audience will choose the best act and the winners will get a prize, the prizes will be confirmed in future posts.

Game Scenario 2 :

Jake : Honey, if you love me please smile?

Chaman : :(

Jake : But why seniorita!? We were meant to be together! You want the moon? I'll give you the stars!

Chaman : I'm a guy. And I want the moon too.

Jake : You see, your my honey, and I give you the stars. That's why I love Honey Stars.

Chaman : >.> (trying not to laugh)

Jake : And POOF!! It became Coco-crunch!!

Chaman : =.= (trying to keep a straight face)

Jake : But really mamoiselle, I'm attracted to your impressive stature, your undeniable presence in the crowd exudes even the finest corals in Redang. Ever been to Redang?

Chaman : .....

Jake : And most especially... (walks nearer to Chaman) I just luuuurveee your fine and meek chest hair... Grrrrr... You naughty-naughty President you... (Twirls Chamans chest hair with finger)

Chaman : Wait wait wait... Is physical contact allowed in this game?? Oh wait... It feels kinda nice... :) NO.... This can't be... I'm actually... GAY???? NO MAMA, NOOOOO!!!

Jake : Haha I made you smile :)

So.. physical contact among guys is normal. Wait, is that what I just said? That sounds SO wrong. Well anyway I'm sure you guys know your limits. Yes, please restrain yourself guys :) We do not promote homosexuality :D
(Can you imagine someone saying that with a smile on his face?)

Again, the audience will choose a winner~

Next post~~

Let The Games Begin

How was the previous post? Yeah, even SC members feel like quitting and joining the competition *ahem* ahem*

For readers who are unaware, Student Council members aren't allowed to take part in any of the games during our events :( There are exceptions of course :)

Imagine me joining the sketch :D Yeah, me with my wild imagination. Well, too bad :( So anyway, about the sketch, we came up with a new flier.

The flier has been posted below in the previous post :)

It sends a clearer message to people who are reading it.

More details about the sketch will be posted in the oh-so-near darling future. For now, we shall move on to...

THE GAMES! There have been some suggestions for what games we are going to have on Prom Night. It is still kinda undecided so I shall fill you guys in on all the suggestions.

We would of course like to hear your view on this. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Game Suggestion 1 : Cinderella game (did i spell that correctly? So sorry, long time didn't watch Disney Channel :))

This game was played at my prom night last year. At the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Anyway, this is how it works, the girls will remove one side of their shoes. Then the guys will randomly choose a shoe(I would surely not take the big sized one) After that, the guys have to wear it back for the girl. This will result in a random pairing of boys and girls.

Then they will perform a game as a pair. They will be given a prop. It can be anything. The scenario is that they just broke up. They have to use the prop to get back together.

Game Scenario 1:( You guys were waiting for this right?)

Jake: Honey~

Jess: What now? You're gonna apologize?

Jake: I'm so sorry I-

Jess : I knew it. There you go again with all your excuses. I can't believe you!

Jake : I'm sorry I didn't tape your favourite Cartoon Show!! I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me...

Jess : It was the last episode of Tom & Jerry Kids!! And Tom would actually CATCH Jerry!!

(This is where the guy in the relationship tries to squirm his way out)

Jake : But Jerry's so cute! Do you really wanna see him get caught?

Jess : Well, you're right... That adorable lil mousey-mouse... oooh... Wait, that's besides the point!

Jake : I can explain. I have a good reason for this.

Jess : Oh really? What reason could you possibly have that could justify this... this CRIME!?!?

Jake : It was my debut in my new show yesterday.

Jess : Huh? What do you mean?

Jake : I'm now a star on Disney Channel, I'm starring as Jake Panjang, our very own Malaysian Dragon!


Jake : That's because I wanted to surprise you my sweet-sugar-honey-coated-pumpkin :D And look what I got you as your birthday present!

Jess : OMG! A sweet-sugar-honey-coated-pumpkin!!! Your'e the best!!

And so they make up and are back together. Not a bad story eh for a guy like me whose never really been in a relationship :D Yes, please don't be shocked, lol. Why? My own reasons lar... If you really wanna know then you could read my blog (link is on the right >>>>>) Haha, good way of publicizing it eh? Post number 23 i think.

Anyway, the pumpkin is the prop in this scenario. Other examples of props could be hanger, lighter, phone, bucket, wallet, Bio text book, underpants, so on. Depends on your creativity :)

Don't worry the act doesn't have to be about Disney Channel.

And by the way, Tom & Jerry ROCKS! Hoho :)

And seriously, I don't watch Disney Channel anymore. But I'm sure ya'll still do. Come on, don't be shy, just admit it :D

There have been worries about VIP shoes and socks having holes (yeah, we may get VIPs to play) It was originally planned that the girls remove the guys' shoes. Like a reverse Cinderella thingy. So I suggest we just stick to guys doing the job. And besides, I'm sure the VIPs wouldn't mind putting on shoes for young girls.

To be continued in next post, otherwise it will be too long :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Daddy's Home

Hey hey hey~! Welcome to this blog. There never really was a proper introduction for this blog, was there?

The KBU Student Council team proudly presents the official blog for posting the latest updates for events, special thanks to

-me, Danny Siah Zhao En

(the blank spaces are for those who also write this blog, hoho :) )

As mentioned in the first entry, the next main event to be held is our very own Prom Night. It shall take place at the One World Hotel, October 24th, make sure you'll be there :)

Discussions regarding the events for prom night are still underway (games, nominations, performances and so on) This blog will be updated regularly. We may even include the itenary for Prom Night, so don't forget to visit regularly.

Say, is there a way for people to subscribe to this blog? I bet that will help people to remember to visit again. And I did suggest to make this blog the homepage instead of MSN for all PCs in KBU.

Anyway, I should introduce myself as well.

-Danny Siah Zhao En
-Technical Team (new member)
-doesn't drink, smoke or gamble, he's a good boy :)
-but people get the wrong impression from the way I dress :(
-but that's okay :)
-I'm a pretty wild clubber, you'll see in time :)
-my very own blog
-copy and paste it or just click on the link somewhere on the right >>>>>
-its about my very own personal experiences and views about life, you could say
-your concern is very much appreciated :)
-I might have a tad bit too many smileys :)

I could write a ton of things about myself, but most of the things are about me are in my blog. So I shall save myself the trouble of writing it all again :)

Hm... What else... Oh yeah, the sketch. See that post below this one? Yeah, the previous one. It is the flier for the 'Stairway To Fame' sketch.

This is how it works, each course is given the opportunity to take part in this fabulous, spectacular, magnificent, incredible, stupendous, unbelievable, amazing, ingenius, and not to mention, glamorous sketch. Forgive me for my exageration :)

Up to 5 people from each course is allowed to participate as a team in this sketch competition. So far the prize has not been confirmed yet. However, please do take part in this competition as it allows you to show off your acting skills/talents and who knows? Maybe a scout from England will coincedentally see how good you are and recruit you and one day you become a rich and famous actor among the stars of Hollywood. I mean, come on, it does coincide with the theme 'Stairway to Fame'. This might really be your chance to make big and famous for your own self satisfaction :D

Really now, come on, we all gotta try new things. I know it may sound impossible but imagine all the publicity you will get? Imagine feeling like a Hollywood star performing in a movie. The sketch will be filmed as well, almost as if you are acting in a movie. Trust me, it'll be fun, give it a try. And you will perform it live on stage during Prom Night. Imagine!!

Even if there was no prize for this competition, the publicity alone is enough to blow you away.

Okay Okay. Imagine you are a person named John who took part in the sketch, you are the leading actor in the sketch.

Scenario 1:

John : Hey ladies :)

*Fan Girl*: AHhhhhHHH!!! That's John, the leading actor in the Stairway to Fame!!! Kiaa!!!!!

John : Oh, oh that? That's nothing, you won't imagine the amount of press coverage I'm landing in the oh-so-near darling future :)

*Fan Girl 2*: OMG OMG!! Is that real? AHHHhhhhHH!!!!!!! Your'e so HOT!!! Almost just like.. just like... JOHN TRAVOLTA!!! AHHHAHAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

John : John Trovolta? That's so old fashioned. I'm Bond. John Bond. Triple 0 Seven at your service :)


John : Oh come on ladies, forget them, I'll be starring in my upcoming Bond movie, the Gigolo 2, with Rob Schneider

*Fan Girl 1 + Fan Girl 2* : OH MY GOD!! WE CAN'T WAIT!!

John : Oh of course you can't wait, you lucky gals will get to look at my awesome 6 packs and chest muscles in the movie when I strip and take down one of the lala-chai in the movie.


*Fan Girl 1 + Fan Girl 2 + Fan Girl 3* Jumps, faints and drops on the floor (Don't ask me why I put 3 Fan Girls. I just felt that 3 is a crowd :))

So... What are you waiting for? Register now. Imagine, this is your chance to achieve Fame and Stardom!! In a glamorous way of course. More updates about the event will be posted up :D

For more information, call.... Wait. This is way too cleeshay. Just ask your student council friends. Or just pop by the SSD, you will find someone. I think. If you don't know anyone who belongs to the student council, just call Yu Xiang at 0162062971.

Yeah, so anyway, remember, it is me, a guy who wrote this post :)

A guy with a wild imagination that is :D

and alot of smileys :)

I'd like to say but got exam on sept 7, gotta get studying and stuff like that :)

Yours truly, dan the man~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Design Team's Contribution

Today's meeting is filled with joy and laughter as everyone was discussing matters about the hottest and latest big event that KBU Student Council will be holding in the upcoming month, Prom Night (Not the movie where a psychopath will roam around and murder random and tonnes of dudes).

Mostly, in most proms, there will always be a main theme to represent the event itself and after much discussion, we had decided to use the theme called Glamorous! The whole concept is basically the facade of Oscar, just without the big huge expensive decoration and awards but we do have awards though, for best dresses, best hairdo and stuff like that. Red carpet will be rolled for guests too for they are the most important piece in this event!

That's probably the important point of the meeting, then we design team have our own agenda, such as cooperating with the marketing team to set up booth and sell the tickets, we also have a small group of people who will be handling the pasting of posters around the college so that no one will be a stranger to this event...

And here is my thanks to Bernie once again for the Chocolate Butter Muffin (Or something close to that)???? They are delicious! So delicious that I Indulge myself into a world of dream and imagination! Lucky for some seniors, they manage to grab some before we finish everything!

Hmm... I guess that's all the meeting discussion is about today. Hurray for me for I am the first one to blog this! Can I put some pictures of the meeting? Or perhaps something more serious?