Friday, September 19, 2008

Hold It

Stopping by for a short post :)

Sorry the blog has been inactive lately.

There's just nothing to post, really.

So I can't update about anything.

There was no meeting on Wednesday either.

As far as I know, there is some major er... changes happening for Prom Night.

So the booth is postponed to an unconfirmed date.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We will be briefed about all changes during next Wednesday's meeting.

Please look foward to it :)

Let's hope everything goes smoothly.

For now, I hope a cute picture of Chaman, our Student Council president, will be enough to keep you guys occupied :)

Yep, that's our adorable president :)

He's just so... what's the word for it? Ah... Kawaii

It's his nappy time :)

I know some of you are suffering from DLDDS

(And you guys wonder why I never went to Arts & Design...)

Mouse problem lar actually, not smooth. Really wan.... :D

What's DLDDS?

Danny's Lame Dialogs Deficiency Syndrome

Need to balance a bit lar, since the previous post I put so many dialogs, I won't put one in now :)

Hang in there lar.. I know you guys cannot stand it already. You need some dialogs. I really overdid it in my last post... so...

Hehe, keep the suspense there hoho :) Also, Leon wants me to make the post shorter. Really, don't kill him okay.

If not there will be no one else in this world who is capable of making an elevator travel slower :) It reeaaally felt like the elevator was slower that day when I was in it with him. Haha, joking lar Leon...

Okay, that's all for now, byeeee~~

Maybe I really should become an author, hoho :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

PROM NYTE YEAY!!! (Part 3)

Oh yeah, sorry.

I forgot to mention that only first 2 weeks of September is the duration for you guys to buy the early birds tickets.

After that, if you still want discounted price, we are going to offer vouchers to those buy a lump sum of tickets.

(This also applied to the last 2 weeks of September and the first 2 weeks of October.)

Purchase it at low price now!!!!
If you forget, the price won't forgive you.

PROM NYTE YEAY!!! (Part 2)

Ok i got it, everybody!!!!
By next week, we are able to sell ticket worth as much as RM 110. For the early birds, of course!
You can purchase the ticket at our booth as we going to have some interesting and very hot activities.

Here are some details:

Day: Every Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 11 am - 1 pm (2 hours only!!!!)
Location: Around the kbu college (not specificied yet)

Thats all folks, see u guys...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fox Named Danny

*WARNING, Long Post Ahead, Many Dialogs*

So today was the test run for Lantern Festival

It was good :)

There were problems, but we found solutions and took necessary actions :)

What kinda problems? We'll get to that soon :)

Our team leader for the Fox and the Lantern is Yong Jian :D

Dang, I didnt take a picture of him, I'll just steal one from Leon's blog :)

You'll know later why I put a picture of him karaoka-ing :)

Problem 1 : Fox and the Lantern

Yong Jian : Oh no!! It's the big bad wolf !!

The Fox Named Danny : I'm a fox dude....

Yong Jian : Help!! HElp!! Wolf in the field!!

Chaman : Is that Yong Jian? That's the third time he's lying about a wolf in the field. Let's not listen to him, the poor boy just won't learn *tsk tsk*

Yong Jian : Chaman, you gotta help me, Legend has it that during the full moon on Lantern festival, our Emcee Danny will turn into... A WOLF!!

The Fox Named Danny : I'm a fox.....

Yong Jian : You see!! He admits!! He's going to eat little red riding HUI SHAN NOOOOOOO!!!

Chaman : Yong Jian, he's a fox, so that's three times you lied to us.

The Fox Named Danny : Finally someone who listens....

Well, so much for the fox problem. It was all a misunderstanding :) The fox is harmless. Come on, I won't bite :)

Problem 2 : Lighting Candles

The Fox Named Danny : So your telling me... I'm supposed to huff-and puff and wha??

Yong Jian : Yes, blow the candle down, to show that your really a wolf...

The Fox Named Danny : Okay, first of all, I'm not a wolf, second of all, why should I help you, and third of all, why are you whispering??

Yong Jian : You gotta help me!! I've lied 3 times to Chaman!! Now he's gonna make me play foosball with him for all Eternity!! And everytime I lose I have to pay him 1 ringgit!!

The Fox Named Danny : Have you realized at the end of each of your sentences there's a double '!!' sign?

Yong Jian : That's besides the point!! Oops, I did it again...


Yong Jian : Er... Yeah?

The Fox Named Danny : No wonder you shaved your head bald. Okay okay, I'll help you.

Yong Jian : Really?

The Fox Named Danny : I huff and puff and *blows with all his might*

Chaman : =.=

The Fox Named Danny : ??

Chaman : my precious... CHEST HAIR!!

Yong Jian : We should run now

The Fox Named Danny : Right behind you dude!

So the Fox Named Danny (I just love that name!) blew Chaman's chest hair off. This is really starting to become a fairy tale...

Going back to reality, cardboards will be given to people to stop the wind from blowing out the candles in the game. Ah... this feels a little less interesting than the Fox Named Danny story. Even I feel that way. SO let's go to the next story :) Part 3!!

Problem 3 : Treasure Hunt

*Yong Jian and The Fox Named Danny start running from Chaman who is no longer Hairy, with lanterns held in their hands*

The Fox Named Danny : Where did these Lanterns come from??

Yong Jian : Just follow the script will you!?

The Fox Named Danny : Ah... Okay Okay, where was I? Oh, we're in the Running With Lantern Game now

Yong Jian : Oh no!! He's gaining on us!! Run faster lar!!

The Fox Named Danny : Were holding lanterns dude... And there you go again with the double '!!' sign

Yong Jian : That's not important...

The Fox Named Danny : It's in the script!

Yong Jian : Oh... so sorr-

Chaman : MY PRECIOUS!!

Yong Jian : Head for the mooncakes!!

The Fox Named Danny : Here's the riddle. There are 3 mooncakes, you take away two, how many mooncakes do you have ?

Yong Jian : I think the answer is-

The Fox Named Danny : WHY ARE WE ANSWERING THIS!? just run!!

Ah... Forgot to buy flour for Omar, be right back.... I know very potong steam, but nevermind lar, go get some pop corn. It's getting good :)

K, i'm back, let's continue with the fairy tale!! :)

Yong Jian : Oh no!! It's an obstacle course!!

The Fox Named Danny : It's a catwalk, or foxwalk if you want :)

Yong Jian : Start crawling!! Start Hopping over the white flour circles!! We're almost there!!

The Fox Named Danny : There's no time! He's catching up, how did he do it??

Chaman : I skipped the obstacle course

Yong Jian : Why didn't we think of that??

Chaman : HAHA, you are all MINE. Any last words??

The Fox Named Danny : As a matter of fact, we do! Come on Yong Jian!!

Yong Jian : What?

The Fox Named Danny : Oh yea yea yea yea....

Yong Jian : Oops I did it again~

The Fox Named Danny : I played with your Hair~

Yong Jian : Got lost in your bush~~

The Fox Named Danny : Oh baby baby...

Yong Jian : Oops you, think I'm involved~

The Fox Named Danny : That it's on purpose~


The Fox Named Danny : Chaman, before you kill us, there's something I want you to have...

Chaman : Oh it's beautiful! But wait a minute, isn't this...?

The Fox Named Danny : Yeah, yes it is :)

Chaman : But I thought you blew it around the field?

The Fox Named Danny : Well baby, I ran around and got it for ya :)

Chaman : Aww, you shouldn't have :D

*ha, ha, Ha CHIU!!*

Yong Jian : Oops, he, did it again to his hair~~

The Fox Named Danny : Stop singing already! Let's go, before he notices!!

Chaman : Wait!! I understand that this is all a misunderstanding. You guys don't have to play foosball with me for eternity anymore.

The Fox Named Danny : But your... Chest Hair, it's...

Chaman : Don't worry, it'll grow back, just like Britney's :D

Yong Jian : Phew, can finally stop running...

Chaman : And here, the prize for your treasure hunt.

The Fox Named Danny : Oh... isn't that the biggest hair you've ever seen?

Chaman : Those are vouchers for prom night....

Okay, I'm finally done. Such a long post. Hope you guys enjoyed it :)

Hope you all weren't bored or anything. The story is just made up lar of course, I'm just joking only, so Chaman, you're not gonna make me play foosball with you for all eternity right? :) Yeah, hope not....

Be sure you guys are there tomorrow, I'm emceeing :) Good bye! Gotta go somewhere tonight.

Oh yea, happy birthday Louise!!

And some random pics

Student Council Gang

From Left : Hui Shan, Leon, Louise, Daniel, Kumiko


Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Games Review (Literally)

Okay guys, time for the games review I promised :) ( this is for prom night, games 1-4 are reviewed in earlier posts)

Game Suggestion 5 : Bongo-Bongo

You know honestly, I find it weird that this game is called Bongo-bongo. Were also abit unsure whether it's the right name for the game.

So I did some intensive research online on this game. Yeah, wonders of the Internet ya know.


I ain't kidding.

Phantom Shadow Beast, in the Legend of Zelda.

Ignore the ring tone advert

There is even a guide to defeat this phantom boss.

- Equip your sacred Lens of Truth

- Draw your bow and attack his hands (those floating thingys)

- Once he falls to the ground, use your Z-sword to hack his eyes out.

- The boss may cry in pain, just ignore it

- His 'hands' may knock you off the platform, use an antidote if you get poisoned.

Wow, really, I never thought this could be bongo-bongo.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the real bong-bongo game :

- We will name an item, like plastic cup, spoon, fork, bottle, hair or anything at all.

- So the people will have to start looking for them.

- The first person to bring the item wins

- I'm sure you guys are familiar with this game

I get the feeling some of you are looking more forward to the Legend of Zelda than the real bongo-bongo game. Come on, we can't bring a Nintendo Wee to Prom Night or whatever console that game is on.

Zelda ring tones anyone?

Game Suggestion 6 : Glam-o-rous

About this game, it was originally called the Yam-seng game. How it became Glam-o-rous? (Take note I am a banana and I don't even know what I'm writting)

Ah Kau : Wo bu hui chiang hua Yi

Ah Gou : Wo yau Yam-seng

Ah Kau : Ni shi anjing.


LOL. I really don't know what I'm writting. Gou means dog right? Anjing also means dog. Ah Kau also can mean dog I think. Ok lar, someone teach me Mandarin after this.

Back to the game, sorry for side-tracking. Just thought you guys were getting bored, no?

Anyway, we will ask each table to chant the word Glam-o-rous. This is done during around dinner time while people are having their meals.

The table with the loudest chant wins something of course.

Well, I think that raps it up. Dwayne, I'll update about the banner tomorrow. My inbox got problem don't know why can't access your email although I clicked it about a hundred times like that. Daniel, I will also update about the awards.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go.

The games review, it does have to do with SC. Technically lar, since I really was 'dedicated' enough to go online to thoroughly search for the true nature of bongo-bongo. Haha, well, I really hoped you guys liked it :)


dan the man~
p.s. Zelda's just so cute

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shades...

Well, we had been having several meetings regarding the Mooncake-Lantern Festival or the Lantern Festival or whichever way it goes, we sure have many ideas for games and improvement/troubleshooting.

Hmm... I'm pretty sure Danny had already explained half (or perhaps EverytHING) of the thing that took place in the meeting... I am just here posting some extra information for teh Lulz... ANywayZ!!! I am here to summarize what he had just said... I THINK I FOUNDED A NEW JOB(^_^)

Uh... basically... what danny is trying to imply through his long post is that there will be 4 games taking place during the lantern festival which is on the 12th of September. The first game will be the Fox and Lantern ------> buffet------>candle fun-----> treasure hunt

I will explain the rule in point form I guess...

Fox and Lantern
-4 groups, each group 5 person
-The parent (leader of the group) will have to protect the child (any member) that is holding the lantern from the opposing team
-Whoever extinguish the candle in the lantern of the opposing teams wins
-Winning groups will proceed to fight with the other winning teams... the WINNAH will win a voucher???

- uh... eat and drink i guess????

Candle Fun
-2 member of the group will be playing this one.... 1 of them blindfolded, the other will guided the blinded dude to lit the candle... then the other memberz will try to extinguish teh flamez without knocking off the candle with a watah gun...

Treasure hunt
-riddles/clue in a mooncake..
-after solving the riddle, proceed to next station
-first team to finish the track(or found the treasure) wins...

Is this summarised enough??? As for the flying shoes.... Its technically not a shoe... Its a slipper... and It was amazing... never thought I could hit Danny on the head with my slipper... I didn't did it purposely though but awesome!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Flying Shoes

Okay, you guys must be wondering about the weird post name, but I'll get to that later :)

First off we'll start with our meeting. It's not exactly the minutes of the meeting or anything like that, but I'll discuss about the most important things that were in the meeting.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take some pictures. No worries, maybe next time, you guys just got to bear with reading :D It's okay, I promise there'll be one or two pics by the end of this post.

Adeline Chen introduced herself at the start of the meeting to the new recruits who still do not really know her (like myself :)) She's back from her hometown, and she's our Public Relations Officer. Nice meeting you by the way :)

Anyway, we continued with (yours truely :)) going up to talk about the games we're going to have for Lantern Festival. It was kinda unexpected, was informed earlier that day only, but it's okay, I like unpredictable stuff. And being the spontaneous guy I am, (Mardigras post hoho :)) I went up and talked.

Danny : Okay guys, you all know Lantern Festival is next Friday right?

The Crowd : Er... Really ar?

Danny : =.= Anyway, the first game were gonna play is the Fox and the Lantern

The Crowd : Ooohh....

Danny : It's the game where you know, the Bapa Ayam protects the-

Elliot : Bapa Ayam!?

Danny : LOL. Okay Okay, sorry, wrong term used. The ibu ayam -

Chaman : Danny, English, some can't understand Malay.

Danny : Okay, the chicken mother -

The Crowd : LOL

Danny : Haha, seriously now, the parent will have to protect the 4 little children from the opposing team. The last child holds a lit lantern. They will try to make each other's light go off.

By the way, those who don't know what Bapa Ayam is... It's... nevermind, go ask a friend who knows Malay :)

Oh yeah, there will be a minimum of four teams. If there are many people then perhaps we could have eight? But we'll see how on that day. 2 teams will go against each other. The winner of each team will go against each other until one winner is found. It's like you know, the chart for football or basketball competitions? Yeah :)

Then I proceeded to tell about the next game, which is after the buffet. The lighting candles and water gun game. We have to test run the game before we can really conclude how we're gonna play this game but, here's how it roughly works. Teams of two will be formed. One person is blindfolded, and the other person guides him or her to light the candle. Points will be given for the candles lighted within time limit. Then yeah, they will use a water gun to put out the candles. Points will be given for the candles that are put out and do not drop.

Something along those lines, still have to be tested. And we have to come up with a backup incase it rains or is too windy. The last game is the longest. I feel a tad bit lazy to explain but... I guess I'll just do it. Bear with me :) I know this is getting long.

The last game requires people in teams of 5 to run with that lantern to a designated location. Only the first two teams will qualify to the next round. There will be 5 mooncake on two tables, one table for each team. Only one of the mooncakes has a paper inside. So you know, it's like 20% chance. If they get it, they must answer the riddle in the paper before they can proceed.

Then they will run an obstacle course that we will set on that day. We probably will obstruct the contestants too :) So anyway, the treasure will be there at the end of the line. Phew :)

So later, Michelle and Chaman went on to talk about Prom Night (Yeah~) Were going to start selling tickets by next week. The first two weeks of sales, the tickets are priced atRM110. These are for the early birds. After that the tickets will be priced at RM150.


Can save RM40 you know. And only limited to the first 150 tickets.

Okay, so when we got to our respective teams to discuss stuff about Prom Night, Daniel asked me about the games. So after some talk, we decided to discuss the games there with everyone.

So since I wrote a review about the games, I went up to talk about it.

The four games are in the posts 'Let the games Begin', 'Honey if you love me please Smile :D' and 'Mercy Chaman' Hoho.

-Cinderella Game

When I explained this game I showed them my shoe. To explain clearly :) It flew off my feet when I took it out (Too tight..) Why is this important? You'll see at the end of the post. (I am so gonna kill you Leon...)

My Adidas Shoe :D

-Honey if you love me Please Smile :D


-Rubber Band Game

And we got two new suggestions :



I will review the two new games another time :)

Please look forward to it :)

So after the meeting, I walked out of the school and headed home (Centrepoint Hostel)

On the road opposite of the bus stop, I met Leon, Hui Shan, Yong Jian and Louis.

Leon, who was awed and inspired by my taking out of my shoe, decided to launch his slippers at my face =.=

It hit me squarely in the forehead. I stumbled and was stunned.

You see the red mark? It's proof !

According to Leon, he didn't mean to do it, and he wanted to retract his leg but didn't do it in time before the slipper was launched for explosion.

Danny : Hey all!! :D

Leon : Target Acquired. Launching 3...2...1... *SHIUUUU*

Danny : Watcha all do- *PONG* *Twists body and falls to the floor*

Leon : Heuston, we have a problem :D

Imagine taking a big shoe from Leon in the head :) Ok lar... It was a slipper :D And I gotta give you credit. You should be a football player ya know. You might be famous someday. Use your skill to attack goalkeepers of opposing teams. AHAHA they all sure pay good money to use you :D

Edit : I might have exaggerated abit :)

Till next time then :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Merdeka Marching

Hello everyone, i am pretty sure Danny had already posted about me... considering that my picture were taken without my permission... Anyway!!!! Here is the bottomline - i got involved in the merdeka marching, and I swear to everyone, This will be the last time I did something so patriotic... I will not march for the next time, not at all, I won't go anymore, not in my lifetime now...

Hmmmm... All those involved will probably think the same thing as I do!

The timeline is kinda messy if you asked me because they requested us to go there so early in the morning and yet the marching won't take place after a few hour... which is around 9.00am...

hmm.... teh nerds....

The monash uni Students...

All of those who were involved in the marching have to wake up around 5.00am because we have to gather at the college where our college's van will send us there for Free(^o^) but overall... Its a painful experience...

HMM... guess what department this is???

Hmm... I dunno...


Lets see... we see many other department and corporation around malaysia representing themselves in the name of Malaysia... Well i won't talk much but instead!!! I SHALL LET THE PICTURE DO THE TALKING FOR ME!! as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Its on and confirmed on will be on this 24th October 2008 , the location will be at OneWorld Hotel... This will be the most glamorous event in Bandar Utama. (And same say Batam)

For more info on the event, feel free to pay us a visit at the Student Council's special booth specially for the PROM event , XD in this month.

There will be lots of activities at the booth to be enjoyed and further heighten up your spirit for the prom nite. Yeah! See you there, ladies and gentlemen... with your tux and dress of course!!!

The Post Writer

If there's one thing this blog lacks... it's pictures. Sorry for the long posts without any pictures. I'll try to put pics next time so you know, you get a better 'idea' of what I'm trying to say *cough* lame *cough* dialogs*

Some of you maybe wondering how in the world I look like. Well this is how in the world I look like :)

Here is the young boy! Danny Siah! Only 17 this year and he's such a big wittle boy... Aww, how touching...

100% candid (thanks to Leon, word has it he loves doing that)

Here he is :)

Leon a.k.a Sea Dog Leon

HAHA :) I'm wondering why your alias name is Sea Dog. Explain to me next time yah :)

He's also one of the author's of this blog. Come on, write your second post already >.> And oh yeah, I haven't heard from Amin at all either (our third writer)

And really, I look different a bit in real life. REALLY. Come and meet me if you don't believe me. (No stalking...)
At least my hair looks stylish and my teeth looks straight. Minus the horny smile.

Since you took my pic without permission, I took the pic from your blog without permission too hoho :)

No lar.... I actually got ask lar...
Here is our conversation:

Danny : Eh Leon, you took my picture ah!? I look so lala O.O

Leon : Hoho, haha, HAHA, Danny danny, look at your smile :)

Danny : Like that, can I grab it from your blog and put it in the SC blog?

Leon : Dream on lala-zhai. Buy me some candy and I'll think about it!!

Danny : Huh??

Leon : You heard me! I want some sugar! Give it to me!!

Danny : I'll give you some sugar!! *grabs Leon by the throat and pushes him to the wall* (I so strong meh?)

Leon : Wait wait! Not that sugar!!

Danny : Don't worry, I'll give you something better. *Head bursts into flames*


Danny : no, IT'S THE POST WRITER!!


Danny : Chill lah. Hell no vacancy. You're safe for now. So you let me use the pic or not?

Leon : Anything Mr Post Writer sir!!
Danny : Good :)

And so my head shifts back to human form. LOL.

Sorry, my sincerest apologies. My imagination runs wild, as you can see :)

And as you might already have concluded, the conversation didnt really go that way >.> Cooked it up somehow... No idea where I get these ideas

I was laughing quite alot while writting this post.
Funny how the human mind can think of such things, no?
Maybe mine is like that, no idea... Some ppl think I'm quite crazy :)

SO anyway, we'll be introducing the SC members from now onwards, in future posts :)

Since this is the official blog and all...

As for the sketch, we will be going to each course to notify and brief them in greater detail (and especially to remind them about it, Malaysians tend to forget mah...) about the sketch once more. We will, won't we?

And we'll start putting the voting poll for the games to be chosen for Prom Night! (we will, won't we?)

So, happy voting, more updates in the future when the poll is actually posted. Nitez, and think carefully about which games to choose.
And Kenn, sry if the post is too long. At least I had some pics so people will look at them right? Really couldn't help not writting the dialog just now... lol. I'll REALLY try to shorten it next time aight? But really loh... the contents aren't so bad if you read em >.>

p.s. If ever I say the phrase 'we will, won't we', it means I just thought about that idea and WERE GONNA DO IT, won't we?

Otherwise... hoho... Stay tuned :)
We'll go to sleep now, won't we?
Sounds like a plan to me :D