Monday, January 5, 2009

January Orientation

hello people!! we Student Council of KBU college would like to give a warm welcome all the new students to the college..since we hardly know each other, we has made a great plan for us to bond with you all..ahem~~don't think too far =_=" it's the Orientation people!! yup yup!! the reason why we organize this orientation is not only for our own benefit but also for you people..cause this would be the chance for you all to know some new friends or perhaps find your new soul mate =P haha!! you never knows~~anyway, if you give it a thought, you all might not see one another other once everyone started their class cause different class has different schedule...

alright~~i know i nag a bit too long..let's the picture take over now =)

Edison posing behind a mascot~

our vice-president (he's single =P)

Back from the race


Happy Feet!!

Teamwork people!!

guess guess~~guess what la??

student council member taking a rest~

get ready to jump~~

JUMP!!! follow the lyrics~

sing with all your heart!!

group photo!!

score board, wonder who win =P

mascot with other mascot as background ^_^

freebie =)

thumb-up for the Orange Twister~~

fun day isn't?? i had fun myself, running around and taking memorable picture of you guys and girls...oh~one more thing, notice that many of us are wearing our school uniform?? yah!! it's in conjunction with the school uniform donating..donate your unwanted school uniform to the Student Services Department (SSD) to help the poor to get a better education..thanks in advance ^_^ once again..WELCOME TO KBU INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE!!!

peace out~~