Monday, January 12, 2009

Suprise Carnival

The Surprise Carnival were organized by your friendly Student Council member again ^_^ and this time we wanted you all, the guys and girls to enjoy the first ever carnival in KBU's not very often that we organized such event, so make sure you people take advantages of it =P anyway~~here's the photo snap during the event =)

The Surprise Carnival!!

The coupon table~~

The "Lok Lok" and Coconut stall

yum yum~~


Jenny waiting for the "Lok Lok"

Bernie advertising for the Drinks stall =P

Water Gun area

think you can drop them all in one shot??

with the evil guardian watching it =P

Smash the Can section


Coconut Bowling (does it really roll?)

our top scorer!!

Hungry?? let's go fishing!! the can i mean ^_^

much patient needed~~more steady arm??

the prize and score board table

at the end of the day, we would like to thanks those who have helped out during the event cause without them, the event won't be a great success~