Friday, August 29, 2008

The Grass Is Always Greener In Madigras

Okay... Let's take a break from Prom Night. Don't worry, updates will come :)

Now on to... The charity event at Madigras club in One Utama.

Hoho, you'll never guess what happened :)

Actually. The turn up was abit bad :( But that's fine.

In such situations you just... make things more fun for yourself.

How? It requires a lil... effort on your part you could say.

Before I move on, just would like to clarify that this event was organized for charity purposes for a shelter home, by our ex-president Yee Ling, if I'm not mistaken? My apologies if I got her name wrong, don't really know her yet :D

So anyway, this is how it went down. I'll give you the fake version and real version of what happened. (Got such thing meh? Now got lar :) )

The Emcee for the night was an indian guy named Pravein from TAR college :)

Fake Version :

Pravein : Any guy and girl willing to come down to dance?

Danny : Hoho, I'm going :D

Pravein : Hey, what's your name?

Danny : Heathe Ledger

Pravein : If you're Heathe Ledger then I'm Christian Bale

Danny : Deal.

Pravein : Wait, you're supposed to be dead

Danny : God you're so hot... *wipes saliva*

Pravein : Wha-?

Danny : Why so serious?? *Licks upper lip*

Pravein : Are... are you okay? You're scaring me...

Danny : Do you know how to make the pencil disappear? *Licks upper lip*

Pravein : I know! *Takes Danny's head and bangs it onto the table*

Danny : What the... Use ERASER LAR!!

Pravein : Oh... I thought you acting as the Joker in the Batman. Somemore you licking your lip and all.

Danny : My upper lip bleeding lar! And its the Joker whose supposed to bang the person's head. And I was asking why you so serious? Heathe Ledger die doesn't mean I'm dead too =.=

Pravein : Oh... 1000 apologies

Danny : By the way, do you know how I got these scars?

Pravein : Birth Mark?

Danny : Cause you bang my head on the table.

Okay, so maybe we don't look like Heathe Ledger and Christian Bale. (This applies especially for him >.>) So this is the real version. Not every word is similar, it's just according to my memory

Real Version:

Pravein : Can I get someone down to dance? I need a guy and a girl.

Danny : I'm going, hoho :D

Pravein : Eh you gay argh!? Don't touch me!! (And that's how we met. Believe it)

Danny : Hi :D

Pravein : Okay. Can I get a girl? Please? Anyone?

Danny : Aih.. they scared of me lar, maybe they scared I not straight :O

Pravein : No lar, must be confident man. Okay DJ, start the music, let's watch him get loose.
(Yeah well, he asked for it)

Just so you guys know, I don't go for dancing classes or even break dancing classes. So what I did there was just... Impromptu.

Once the music was louder I started break dancing on the floor. But I only know two moves lar. Wait till I start learning first k? Not bad weih, at least the crowd cheered. And come on, I never went for any classes. Imagine doing something you've never really learnt or practice as impromptu. Hoho, not too shabby eh?

Then I pulled our Pravein down to dance with me. He thought I was crazy. Really. I was jumping around him. So he told the DJ to stop.

Since this is getting really long... I better cut it short. Due to popular demands, I was called out again. Actually no lar... maybe no one else wanted to do it. Haha. So the next round I ended up grinding with a guy :D

Trust me, he enjoyed it :) Ah, yes, his name is Lingesh from Taylor's. And so is his two friends, Emeris(not sure how to spell) who sang three songs. Nice voice :) and.... what's your name ar? The girl I gave my number to. I can't remember lol. Sorry, I'm getting old. Leave your name at the chat box >>>> or something if you ever do read this :) and Emeris too. Actually anyone's encouraged to write in the chat box.

Oh yeah, guys, I didn't ever tell you all this but, I'm 17 this year :D (you should've seen Pravein's face when I told him that) Yeah, skipped standard 4 :) I know, I look very old. That's good if you want to get into clubs easily as an underaged person. But... don't tell anyone lar.. After I can't go clubbing :(

Hm.. Taylor's and TAR college. And I'll be going to Segi for my external exam. Well, it would be good to keep a good relationship among colleges :) But as for that we'll leave it to the oh-so-near darling future (I just can't forget that line)

Hope the post wasn't too long. I did try to shorten it a lot.

Ah... It's late, nitez~

Yours Sincerely (always makes me feel like I'm writting a letter to someone)

dan the man~