Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let The Games Begin

How was the previous post? Yeah, even SC members feel like quitting and joining the competition *ahem* ahem*

For readers who are unaware, Student Council members aren't allowed to take part in any of the games during our events :( There are exceptions of course :)

Imagine me joining the sketch :D Yeah, me with my wild imagination. Well, too bad :( So anyway, about the sketch, we came up with a new flier.

The flier has been posted below in the previous post :)

It sends a clearer message to people who are reading it.

More details about the sketch will be posted in the oh-so-near darling future. For now, we shall move on to...

THE GAMES! There have been some suggestions for what games we are going to have on Prom Night. It is still kinda undecided so I shall fill you guys in on all the suggestions.

We would of course like to hear your view on this. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Game Suggestion 1 : Cinderella game (did i spell that correctly? So sorry, long time didn't watch Disney Channel :))

This game was played at my prom night last year. At the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Anyway, this is how it works, the girls will remove one side of their shoes. Then the guys will randomly choose a shoe(I would surely not take the big sized one) After that, the guys have to wear it back for the girl. This will result in a random pairing of boys and girls.

Then they will perform a game as a pair. They will be given a prop. It can be anything. The scenario is that they just broke up. They have to use the prop to get back together.

Game Scenario 1:( You guys were waiting for this right?)

Jake: Honey~

Jess: What now? You're gonna apologize?

Jake: I'm so sorry I-

Jess : I knew it. There you go again with all your excuses. I can't believe you!

Jake : I'm sorry I didn't tape your favourite Cartoon Show!! I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me...

Jess : It was the last episode of Tom & Jerry Kids!! And Tom would actually CATCH Jerry!!

(This is where the guy in the relationship tries to squirm his way out)

Jake : But Jerry's so cute! Do you really wanna see him get caught?

Jess : Well, you're right... That adorable lil mousey-mouse... oooh... Wait, that's besides the point!

Jake : I can explain. I have a good reason for this.

Jess : Oh really? What reason could you possibly have that could justify this... this CRIME!?!?

Jake : It was my debut in my new show yesterday.

Jess : Huh? What do you mean?

Jake : I'm now a star on Disney Channel, I'm starring as Jake Panjang, our very own Malaysian Dragon!


Jake : That's because I wanted to surprise you my sweet-sugar-honey-coated-pumpkin :D And look what I got you as your birthday present!

Jess : OMG! A sweet-sugar-honey-coated-pumpkin!!! Your'e the best!!

And so they make up and are back together. Not a bad story eh for a guy like me whose never really been in a relationship :D Yes, please don't be shocked, lol. Why? My own reasons lar... If you really wanna know then you could read my blog (link is on the right >>>>>) Haha, good way of publicizing it eh? Post number 23 i think.

Anyway, the pumpkin is the prop in this scenario. Other examples of props could be hanger, lighter, phone, bucket, wallet, Bio text book, underpants, so on. Depends on your creativity :)

Don't worry the act doesn't have to be about Disney Channel.

And by the way, Tom & Jerry ROCKS! Hoho :)

And seriously, I don't watch Disney Channel anymore. But I'm sure ya'll still do. Come on, don't be shy, just admit it :D

There have been worries about VIP shoes and socks having holes (yeah, we may get VIPs to play) It was originally planned that the girls remove the guys' shoes. Like a reverse Cinderella thingy. So I suggest we just stick to guys doing the job. And besides, I'm sure the VIPs wouldn't mind putting on shoes for young girls.

To be continued in next post, otherwise it will be too long :)