Thursday, August 28, 2008

Honey if you love me, please smile :D

Game Suggestion 2: Honey if you love me, please smile :DDDDDDDDDDD

My personal favourite game. Lots of smiles :D

We should play this in SC sometime.

Its another pair game :D Pair games are good especially since it's prom night after all. One person will try to make his target smile or laugh by er... seducing him or her with words :) An interesting thing about this game is that it can be a guy and guy pairing. Or girl and girl too. Instead of plain guy and girl pairing.

The audience will choose the best act and the winners will get a prize, the prizes will be confirmed in future posts.

Game Scenario 2 :

Jake : Honey, if you love me please smile?

Chaman : :(

Jake : But why seniorita!? We were meant to be together! You want the moon? I'll give you the stars!

Chaman : I'm a guy. And I want the moon too.

Jake : You see, your my honey, and I give you the stars. That's why I love Honey Stars.

Chaman : >.> (trying not to laugh)

Jake : And POOF!! It became Coco-crunch!!

Chaman : =.= (trying to keep a straight face)

Jake : But really mamoiselle, I'm attracted to your impressive stature, your undeniable presence in the crowd exudes even the finest corals in Redang. Ever been to Redang?

Chaman : .....

Jake : And most especially... (walks nearer to Chaman) I just luuuurveee your fine and meek chest hair... Grrrrr... You naughty-naughty President you... (Twirls Chamans chest hair with finger)

Chaman : Wait wait wait... Is physical contact allowed in this game?? Oh wait... It feels kinda nice... :) NO.... This can't be... I'm actually... GAY???? NO MAMA, NOOOOO!!!

Jake : Haha I made you smile :)

So.. physical contact among guys is normal. Wait, is that what I just said? That sounds SO wrong. Well anyway I'm sure you guys know your limits. Yes, please restrain yourself guys :) We do not promote homosexuality :D
(Can you imagine someone saying that with a smile on his face?)

Again, the audience will choose a winner~

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