Monday, October 13, 2008

Back :D

Hey hey!

Sorry for being gone so long. My semester break mah, so I cuti (holiday) a while lor....

It's like that one... At first u very hardworking update the blog so frequently.

Then after holiday come, you just sit down at ur pc, planning to write the next post, when suddenly...

THE GAME CALLS!! Yes yes... Dota, world of warcraft, devil may cry 4, and...


Sadly though... after installing never winter nights 2... I CAN'T PLAY!!

I mean, come on, the file itself requires about 4.8G hard disk space.

And I'm afraid... I need to get a new graphic card... The game requires pretty high graphics.

Anyone got a graphic card to spare?? :D

Oh well, anyway, I am so sorry for keeping some of u in the dark about the discussions in our last meeting.

And for causing alot of DLDDS ( Danny's lame dialogs deficiency syndrome)

Where people suffer from the lack of danny's lame dialogs ! :D

Anyway, as many of u already know, prom has been shifted to.....

13th March 2008!!

I know, It's pretty much old news by now...

But... for the sake of those who do not know, and some of my Loyal Readers ( Yeah, believe it man :) )

I had no choice but to write it here :D Despite it being..... Old ? Haha...

Only one problem, it's about time to publicize and promote the blog

Not many ppl actually know about the blog yet ( meaning students outside of SC )

So it's like I'm writting to no one....

And I sometimes lack the feeling to make immediate updates because sometimes it just feels... there's no reason to

since no one outside of SC reads it anyway.

My honest opinion. Really. It's About Time to Promote this Blog

And It'll give a huge heads up to people about the change in plans :D

I mean, if I keep writting these posts, they will become old posts by the time this blog gets promoted, so many ppl won't bother to scroll to the old posts.

Which is another reason why I'm not so eager to update immediately...

So really. We can promote the blog now, even if the prom is like 5 months away.

So... I hope that explains my long absence :D (aside from the oh-so-tempting games on my pc...)

Need to cut down already since college just started again.

Don't worry, I'll somehow manage it, and get good grades :D

Yeah, ya know I do :D

Comeback Scenario 1 :

Danny returns to college, to his teachers' demise. You see, to all his teachers, Danny is just one noisy little brat in class. This is a true story. Which is about to unfold. And I don't know why I'm talking in the 3rd person's point of view. My ideas just never seem to run out :D

Miss Alicia enters the class.

Danny : Hi teacher!! How's ur husband?????????????

Miss Alicia : ......

Danny : Teacher, so long never see, u cut ur hair r???

Miss Alicia : Okay class , please open your System Development text books

Danny : Wait teacher, miss Siew Ping hasn't handed us our books yet :D

Miss Alicia : Oh okay, then.... Go to ELP website, there are handouts there

Danny : ELP?? Extremely Long People??? ( I wasn't thinking of that THING okay... Perverts ) What kinda website is that? *blinks innocently*

Miss Alicia : E - learning portal lar... Anyway, here, read the case study about airlines for System Development.

Danny : Oh... This Comair Airlines... Due to out of date crew management systems, they suffered a loss of over $20million...

Derik : Ya lar...*Speaks hysterically* Why they so like dat?? Why they so like dat??? Just follow Air Asia, everyone can fly...

Danny : Calm down Derik....

Derik : Aiya you dun say me lar.... You also so crazy wan, ask teacher about her husband everytime

Danny : What? I was just concerned about her husband's health :D Hey teacher, that diamond ring so big, ur husband must be quite rich oh...

Derik : See, again =.=

Danny : Haha, Ok lar , sry teacher, please continue, I know my limits >.>

Miss Alicia : So... The crew management systems, anyone can explain?

Danny : ME ME ME!! The crew management systems, u see, the most important person in the crew is the STEWARDESS

Derik : Oh no.....

Danny : It's a whole marketing strategy with these Sorry, plural :D Anyway, the real reason why Comair Airlines did not make it like Air Asia-

Derik : Yeah~

Danny : Is because when the stewardess serve food, they didn't bend down

Miss Alicia : Huh???

Derik : Here he go again

Danny : You see teacher, you're a girl so maybe u dont understand. I'm sure u want to know right, teacher :D

Miss Alicia : Go on...

Danny : If you havent noticed, whenever men order food from the trolley in the aeroplane, they always ask for the food on the bottom shelf

Miss Alicia : So the stewardess bends down? =.=

Danny : Exactly!! You're learning well teacher. They get a good view of the ocean... and mountains.

(I innocently meant the view of the outside of the aircraft )

Miss Alicia : Oh... Doesn't really make sense but nevermind, otherwise you'll keep talking

Danny : Really teacher, you never see car advertsistments meh? The number one way to promote cars is oceans and mountains

Derik : Danny, yer....

Danny : Hey, u never see our Malaysia truly Asia advertistment? Mountains and oceans. That's why we become famous... Aiya, what u thinking leh?

Derik : Oh... Ya hor... Ya hor...

Danny : Of course :D

Miss Alicia : How did we go from aeroplanes to motor sports and then to Malaysia truly Asia?

*Whole class points at Danny*

Danny : Fine fine...

So the only thing we learnt that day is 'Stewardess bends down'

Truly, I kinda love my class

Were a small class, so everyone knows each other lor...

And we know the teacher very well lor, so disturb abit also nevermind wan

And the best part? I don't get bored easily. All I do is L&L in class

What's L&L?

Laugh and learn. Yeah, rox. You don't get bored, and you learn something, in this case about stewardesses :D

So Leon, u should be my classmate next time, since u told me the other day ur classes in electrical engineering are boring.

Trust me, with me around sure not boring wan in class :D

Well, that's the other me in class :D

So far there are 3 different Me's

Me when I'm in SC (serious abit)

Me when I'm in Class (kinda crazy but he knows his limits :D But still crazy lar in his teachers' eyes)

Me when I'm Clubbing (Oh yeah, I'm totally crazy on this one :D)

Anyway, there are a few other 'Me's'

But I shall review them in the future :D

I know what u guys must be thinking

'Man, thank god danny's back!!'

'Man, why can't I be danny's classmate!?? *sob* sob*'

'Man, he sure does have cool teachers if they let him talk like that' (yeah, you bet they're cool :D )

'Man, is that really Danny?'

And lastly

'Hey operator, can I get a flight to.... Anywhere? As long as I can see mountains and oceans :D '

Haha... Well, that's all for now.

Don't miss me too much :D

Good Night, Stay tuned


Dan the man~ ( I wonder if what miss Alicia will say if she ever reads this? )


JadeyJonka said...

dannny~!!its toooo freakin long la ur post!!! i think i mention it more than twice but bcoz im nice i'll jz rate it as 2 XP by the time i go to the 5th sentence...i really don wanna read anymore..hope u understand =] JADE's ADVICE: For visitors to INCREASE...The 3C's:CUT the crap..CONTRIBUTE more pictures...CANCEL the really annoying sentence-by-sentence format.. *i know im EVIL* XP