Friday, October 17, 2008

Talent Fashion Outbreak

(Warning. Long post ahead. Loads of pics :) )

Sry for the delay again :)

Haha, I know I can be slow in updating, but i'll try harder k ? :D

So anyway, last friday night we had the Talent Fashion Outbreak partay :D

And I came dressed in black and white!!

That's me, hehe :)

I look slightly different in pictures, but nevermind, haha

Mom : Danny... you look so nice... No girls interested in you meh?
Danny : Ah... Dunno lar... Y u ask this so suddenly?

Mom : About time to find one already lar. At least a girl will make sure you clean up your hostel room a bit. I'm sure you wouldn't let a girl come in if it's dirty.

Danny : Ah... Haha... Well... Now not the time to think about that lar... Worry next time k? :)

Mom : Suit yourself then

Danny : And besides, why would I bring a girl to my hostel room anyway?

Mom : Well... You know lar...

OKAY CUT!! That's enough lol.... Don't go getting any ideas about me k... rolf

Just so you guy know, my mom's a pretty open person. That explains alot about me, if you get to know me well enough... :)

Anyway, that was what she said whenever I dressed up nicely. Oh well. Moms right?

Ahem ahem... On with the show :)

Perl waiting for her hair to be done :)
Say... I never really saw her after that.

Did she leave early?

Louise before her hair was done :)

Louise after :) Together with her hairstylist
But u know... He damn evil wan...
All he did to my hair was just spray with wax.
But I supposed it looked nice as it is... So nevermind lar :D

This is.. Some random guy :D

Leon before his hair was done :)

Leon After :)

Yee Wen, our marketing leader :) I don't think she got her hair done though

More random people :D

One of the hairstylists with er... one of the models

Haha, sorry if I don't know your name

Steven, our photographer with Louise

The Star Interviewer with Terrance

So lucky, get to be interviewed by her...

I wonder what she asked him?

Star Reporter : Hi-


Star Reporter : Yes, I was just about to -


Star Reporter : Erm... You're name please

Terrance : I'm Terrance... But you can call me Luke Skywalker

Star Reporter : .....

Terrance : Is something wrong?

Star Reporter : No... So why are you called Luke Skywalker?

Terrance : I dodge balls.

Star Reporter : Oh... So your hobby is dodge ball?

(Hoho, promoting dodge ball~ Although I don't play... haha)

Terrance : Not just any dodge ball!! No no no... we have our super-ultra-mega-multiple-variation dodge BALL!!

Star Reporter : Huh?

Terrance : You see. It is unfortunate but... The best things in this world are round.

(Lol, did I just write that... haha)

Star Reporter : Oh...

Terrance : And so, our dodge ball comes in kinds of sizes. We have mini balls, fish balls, cannon balls, gum balls, snow balls and so on~

Mini balls are small and undetectable

Fish balls can float and can breathe underwater

Cannon balls are deadly powerhouse bombs!! Stuns opponent for 2.5seconds

Gum balls, when opponents step on these, their feet become almost rooted to the ground due to its undeniable stickiness!! Holds opponent for 6 seconds

Snow balls, slows enemy movement by 50% and gives 20% chance for them to miss on attacks, and 10% chance to slip and faint for 5 seconds.

Star Reporter : Sounds like Dota...

Terrance : So please come to join our dodge ball games every Wednesday 5pm onwards at KBU field

Star Reporter : No wonder you were so eager to be interviewed....

Terrance : And remember, drink plenty of water, to cleanse your digestive system. And eat plenty of BANANA!! It is easily digestible and absorbed by the body :D

Star Reporter : How did we go from star wars to Dota to our digestive system....?

Terrance : And yes... Make sure when you book your hotels, get those with rotating beds. For -

Star Reporter : OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH!! Were on live TV for goodness sake... And imagine all the little children watching-

Terrance : And also, may the force be with you :)

Star Reporter : May your common sense be with you. I pray for your recovery someday...

Haha, well, at least dodge ball got promoted right? Sry, I'm abit random at times

Jade and the random guy just now :D

Yong Jian~~@!

Our magician guy... I forgot his name too!! :D

I remember it started with Ong though

Come on, so many people mah...

The magician and... Another unkown person :D

Another reporter and our Magician :)

Louise and... haha :)

Another random guy~

Wait... I think he is in SC?

SC members at the registration post

Hey, there's me in the pic~ With Kenny

Ya... I guess they are supporters from another school?

Saif and Omar!! :)

After work eh?

We got our body art done as well :)

Nice pic Steven :)

Wow... Kenny... You look scary here

Seriously... With the Kampai drinks, kinda reminds me of the male version of the evil witch in snow white and the seven dwarves

But anyway, thanks so much that day for recovering my horse necklace!!

The chain broke and it flew somewhere cuz I was dancing abit too hard :)

Thx again! :)

Hey~ Ruben and Joanne

Nice shots

Nice lighting... Except

It wasn't really much of a glow light party

I heard they are gonna ask for compensation or something since there was not much glowlight on that night

Our shirts were supposed to glow, but it didn't, but at least the tatoo did.

So... many people to went home early, supposingly cause of the glowlight malfunction :)

Duet performance from... Sry, I wasn't watching

So I don't know which school they are from

Really lor. I was doing registration, so I missed most of the performances

Group picture of.... People

One of the Outbreak category performance, I think

From Left : A guy, Ganisen, Terrance and a girl

Another Duet? Or is it the same as just now? Not sure...

Maybe I should watch all the events next time, haha :)

Our magician performing :D

And yeah... Singing for the Talent Category

Dance performance

Cheerleaders~ Outbreak category or talent? Not sure

More pics :)

This is from our school I think. That guy looks awfully familiar

The group from Taylors

Our host. What was his name again? Sorry man >.>


Wow, this guy too? I think he won best Male Award or something

Oh wait. That's right, Mr TFO or something like that?

Jade and another Model :)

Terrance :D

Dodge ball... Might give it a go someday

Louise and Steven


Photographers are sexy :)

I guess they had some time to kill :D

I shouldve tried as well. Looks cool

And not to mention, our SC president Chaman,

who was our bouncer for the night

with Michelle, our secretary :)

I took this pic

Steven took this pic

Steven : Danny, should take the picture like that mah....

Danny : Oh... Ya hor

I guess there are many things to learn about photography eh? :)


Wow.. You sure took alot of pics that night, Steven.

Aih... Should've gotten ur hair done for such a rare case :)

Dwayne and Yong Jian :)


Loiuse and Joanne

Hui Shan's friend, Hui Shan and Louise

Leon and Steven

Elliot (arts & design assistant) and Bernie~ (arts and design leader)

Steven and Yong Jian

Steven and Ruben

Later me, Leon, Yong Jian, Hui Shan, Louise, Hui Shan's friend, Ruben, Darren and Joanne Went to Asia Cafe at Subang for a drink.

And I gotta say.

I can be quite random at times :)

Contents of my randomness will be undisclosed because this blog is rated U

Tuntunan Umum, sesuai untuk semua lapisan Masyarakat :)

For those who don't understand Malay. It means, suitable viewing for all ages :D

Other than that it was a good night :)

That's all for now



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