Monday, September 1, 2008

The Post Writer

If there's one thing this blog lacks... it's pictures. Sorry for the long posts without any pictures. I'll try to put pics next time so you know, you get a better 'idea' of what I'm trying to say *cough* lame *cough* dialogs*

Some of you maybe wondering how in the world I look like. Well this is how in the world I look like :)

Here is the young boy! Danny Siah! Only 17 this year and he's such a big wittle boy... Aww, how touching...

100% candid (thanks to Leon, word has it he loves doing that)

Here he is :)

Leon a.k.a Sea Dog Leon

HAHA :) I'm wondering why your alias name is Sea Dog. Explain to me next time yah :)

He's also one of the author's of this blog. Come on, write your second post already >.> And oh yeah, I haven't heard from Amin at all either (our third writer)

And really, I look different a bit in real life. REALLY. Come and meet me if you don't believe me. (No stalking...)
At least my hair looks stylish and my teeth looks straight. Minus the horny smile.

Since you took my pic without permission, I took the pic from your blog without permission too hoho :)

No lar.... I actually got ask lar...
Here is our conversation:

Danny : Eh Leon, you took my picture ah!? I look so lala O.O

Leon : Hoho, haha, HAHA, Danny danny, look at your smile :)

Danny : Like that, can I grab it from your blog and put it in the SC blog?

Leon : Dream on lala-zhai. Buy me some candy and I'll think about it!!

Danny : Huh??

Leon : You heard me! I want some sugar! Give it to me!!

Danny : I'll give you some sugar!! *grabs Leon by the throat and pushes him to the wall* (I so strong meh?)

Leon : Wait wait! Not that sugar!!

Danny : Don't worry, I'll give you something better. *Head bursts into flames*


Danny : no, IT'S THE POST WRITER!!


Danny : Chill lah. Hell no vacancy. You're safe for now. So you let me use the pic or not?

Leon : Anything Mr Post Writer sir!!
Danny : Good :)

And so my head shifts back to human form. LOL.

Sorry, my sincerest apologies. My imagination runs wild, as you can see :)

And as you might already have concluded, the conversation didnt really go that way >.> Cooked it up somehow... No idea where I get these ideas

I was laughing quite alot while writting this post.
Funny how the human mind can think of such things, no?
Maybe mine is like that, no idea... Some ppl think I'm quite crazy :)

SO anyway, we'll be introducing the SC members from now onwards, in future posts :)

Since this is the official blog and all...

As for the sketch, we will be going to each course to notify and brief them in greater detail (and especially to remind them about it, Malaysians tend to forget mah...) about the sketch once more. We will, won't we?

And we'll start putting the voting poll for the games to be chosen for Prom Night! (we will, won't we?)

So, happy voting, more updates in the future when the poll is actually posted. Nitez, and think carefully about which games to choose.
And Kenn, sry if the post is too long. At least I had some pics so people will look at them right? Really couldn't help not writting the dialog just now... lol. I'll REALLY try to shorten it next time aight? But really loh... the contents aren't so bad if you read em >.>

p.s. If ever I say the phrase 'we will, won't we', it means I just thought about that idea and WERE GONNA DO IT, won't we?

Otherwise... hoho... Stay tuned :)
We'll go to sleep now, won't we?
Sounds like a plan to me :D