Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cracks of Life 26 : United we Stand

Hoho, this can't go on :)

Yeap yeap, this definitely can't go on.

What can't go on, you ask?

The blog not being updated :)

I apologize, I would've actually wanted to update about our meetings but...

I don't have any pictures. People have kindly requested more pictures, so...

Anyway. With all do respect, for the sake of the blog, I just thought I'd drop by and post something

Since there's nothing else to update about the blog.

I haven't written something like this in a long long time...

Humorous as this blog has been, it's time to awaken the other side of me :)

Enjoy :)


The world has never been united for a long long time...

Yes, it is an undeniable fact that mankind has never been united as one since anyone can ever remember...We are not even sure whether we those of the early ages were really united as one. This world has been split many ways.
Because of some incident long ago, mankind which was once united was separated.

The pieces of the puzzle that forms this world has been scattered. Grief, hate, fear, jealousy, greed has conquered the hearts of many. Such emotions have done a great deal of damage to mankind as well as this world. People have been time and time again, controlled by emotions. And how many people are ever able to conquer their own flaws?

How many people actually thought about others aside from themselves? It is so saddening how selfish the human heart has become, in one way or another... To the point that no one is able to look beyond themselves. 'Everything is for me. Everything is for my benefit. No one else aside from me matters as much as me.'

Such things do lurk inside the hearts of human beings. It is true that there aren't enough good people in this world.
Colour separates people, religion separates people, the different views each individual separates people. 'My religion is superior, my race is superior, my views on everything is the truth, and nothing else is'

People are unable to accept others for who they are, and they only look from one perspective...Which is their own. At times we have to look at it from other people's point of view. But there is one thing that, inspite of everything, humans do not see.

A long time ago

There was this saying

Humans, due to their differences, are unable to comprehend the importance of being united as one entity.

"When United, Humans can Accomplish Anything"

This is one of the biggest things that so many of us fail to see. When will the world ever be united once again? When will people see that other people are human beings as well, similar to ourselves. That they, despite their skin colour or religion, have the same red blood flowing in their veins. They too, have emotions just like us.

And that they, when united with us, can accomplish so many unimaginable things. We just don't see that... Like I do like to say, to be a great person, do you understand the pain of others? The pain of isolation, separation, discrimination, countless people have been victims of such painful ordeals...

I don't understand. Why do humans have to hurt each other? Is it greed? Selfishness? Such emotions are overwhelmingly strong enough to make humans do the silliest things....

Once again, human beings never think.

Countless fighting and wars broke up over the centuries or perhaps thousands of years this world has lived. Maybe millions? Countless innocent people were killed. And we still never understood.

Hurting someone else never solves anything.

It just brings more anguish and fighting. Then they say, 'if we don't fight, we will lose this war, and people will die anyway'. Yes, I can't deny such a fact.

But look at it this way...

The people are sacrificed when we go to war. We are letting them die so we can fight. I feel that's just... So selfish. People have families. The soldiers who go to war have families as well. They might never return... The people of the country is the most important thing to a country.Without them there would be no country.

Like they say, "A truly great king is one who cares for the people of his country". I believe that there are other ways to solve things other than having wars and killing people. Although for now, this seems to be very impossible.

But hopefully, in the future, mankind will see that there will be no need for wars and be satisfied with coming to a peaceful conclusion through negotiation. Of course we would say it would be impossible for humans to stop having world wars. Of course we would say that even more devastating weapons will be harvested in the future.

But we have to start somewhere.If we go on believing it is impossible, then we will never get started at all in trying to accomplish that goal.

So, let me ask now.

Why is it impossible?

Why? Because the world isn't united as one....

That's the whole reason we hurt each other, why we go against one another, why we fight each other. If only we thought a little more before acting. Instead of being controlled by the lust for money, the opposite sex, and so on...

As I said earlier, the puzzle pieces that form this world are scattered. What happens when they are gathered and united as one? The puzzle forms a picture...

A picture that says...

This world is truly a beautiful place...

We are all parts and pieces of that puzzle.

It's time we realized that...

I've only lived 17 years to say this.

I wonder what I'll be like when I'm older?

I wonder... But it's these mysteries that keeps us going.


Somehow. Despite it all.

I still have faith that the world will change someday.

Have faith in mankind. :)


Phew. I'm done.

That felt kinda nice.

Back to the normal Danny :)

Such things I can write only when I'm most serious...

It takes a lot of time and effort to write such stuff.

But I feel it is important. Somehow.

It is important that people actually get to read such things.

I don't feel it is irrelevant to the Student Council.

In fact, it's actually quite important that we work as one, and that people actually read this

It is my hope that people, anyone, will be able to understand themselves better when I write such things.

Whether they are from the Student Council or not.

So that's why I put in the time and effort to write such motivational posts.

Come to think of it, it never really was stated what the obvious reason of this blog is.

So here it is :) So that people don't say I go against the real purpose(s) of this blog :D

This blog is not only to let people know about the ongoings of The Student Council

It also serves the purpose of giving people a good laugh after a stressful day at work or college

Last but not least, it allows people to understand themselves better, and the truth about life to the best extent that the author can comprehend. For it may serve as a great influence to a person's doings in the future.

I really am trying my best to make this blog good.

I thank those who have supported me thus far, and believed in me. Thank you. So much.

Even if the blog never gets promoted, at least. At the very least some people still read it.

That alone means a lot to me :)

Even the 25 posts in my old blog did some good for some of my friends who read it.

So I hope I am allowed to continue it's 'legacy' here.

I will fulfill all 3 aims of this blog, even if it means taking up more of my time :)

And to you, thank you for reading every word I wrote. Thanks! :D

p.s. I'm quite unpredictable eh? And my English isn't that bad after all, haha. However it only occurs when I write such things lar... But still, there's still loads of room for improvment :)

dan the man~