Saturday, November 29, 2008

Event Updates :) So many!

Hm... Quite a lot of stuff going on these days.

First : Thank you Steven for the pic uploads :) Thank you loads, really

Second : There will be a Christmas Celebration this 25th Dec.

Maybe we should put it earlier or later than 25th so more ppl can come :)

Though, truthfully I never celebrated Christmas much.

Heck I don't even celebrate my own birthday much.

A bit lazy lar haha...

Hey I was just thinking.

Elliot should dress up as santa claus or something, since he's the organiser?

Yeah we should force him to do that and he can come down the chimney on that day, if there's a fire place :)

Third : SC Trip

To.... Taman Tun Park~~

8th December ( SC members only )

Actually any friends of yours also can come join us.

Looks nice :)

So please come :)

She wants you to come too, pretty please :D (I think the guys will come....)

She might be there on that day, who knows??

Plus I happen to be organizing this :)

I'll start planning the activities and all that and keep you guys posted yea :)

I was thinking of taking you guys rock climbing at 1Utama, but maybe next time lar.

Fourth : Fund Raising Carnival

"Fun on a Sunny Day"

Date unconfirmed but it's somewhere in January 2009

The poster looks something like this. Ignore the date, it's been changed to January.

Special thanks to Yune Yee :)

I didn't modify it much, accept just some of the words :)

Like the poster says, Games, Food, Drinks.

Coupons will be sold starting a week before the carnival.

And I'll be hosting it :)

Fifth : Chinese New Year

Ah, things haven't been planned for this yet.

The other Danny is organizing this.

Yeah, Danny power~!

It's not the year of the rat but...

I just had to put this pic

Tom and Jerry is so CUTE!!

Kinda miss watching it as a kid, really

Wait... It isn't the year of the dragon either

Definitely not the pig =.="

But it's cute

It's the year of the ox~!

Sorry it isn't red.

It's taboo lar... Bull + red = no no

Anyone likes red bull by the way?

I know it's random but... They say it has too much sugar and make

You mati pucuk.

What's mati pucuk? Aih... Opposite of Tongkat Ali :)

Sixth : PROM!!

Prom is on the way~~ Prom is on the way~~

Actually still kinda far from now but... Time flies, like they say :D

March 13th 2009~

And the big change this year for prom is....


Yeah guys, our theme has changed from glamorous to :

Yeah, think green guys.

Wouldn't you wanna bask in the ambience of...


My favourite colour is green after all :)

And green is good for the eyes too.

We all feel rejuvenated when surrounded by such incredible scenery :)

I just felt this looks nice so I just put it in :)


Oh yea~!

Lucky Number 7 : The KBU Cheer leading Team

I'm sure some of you guys know about this already :)

But just to make sure, I'll just post something here lar.

A new KBU Cheer leading Team will be established pretty soon.

Michelle Chua shall be the acting Captain once the club is formed :)

Don't be afraid lar. She's quite a nice girl.

Talked to her that day about a few things too. You guys will see lar :)

More information can be found at her blog,

Be sure to pay a visit.

I'm sure she'll appreciate it :)

I guess that's all....

Actually this is already pretty formal for me...

Don't worry, there will be informal posts soon too to balance stuff up. Of course, it will hv to do with SC.

Come on, ppl get bored easily, which is why I try really hard to write humorous posts.

So... don't get me wrong if I do write such stuff. I'm really trying my best.

Thanks so much! :)