Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween At TGI Friday

Just a side note, I think the TFO post is before the Filler post. Sorry for any inconvenience caused :)

Last last Friday we celebrated Halloween at TGI Friday at the Curve.

Didn't go though. I thought I was in the afternoon, and was busy then so didn't go.

But who am I kidding right? Halloween can't possibly in the afternoon. Wish I wasn't so blur :)

It looks pretty nice

Man... I really got to hand it to you guys. You guys DID dress up

Haha, you look cute here Chaman. Whose the ape?
Woh Jade... Hungry? :)

Daniel must really like boxes. Unique, me likey :)

From Left : Omar, Jade, Chaman, Michelle, Bernie

The good, the bad, and the ug-

I don't wanna die, so I won't complete that :)

You'll forgive me, right? Right??? :D

Lol Edison... Seriously haha :D

Chaman and Michelle

Naughty-naughty Jade~


Anthony, Omar and Edison

Hey, Bernie Changed?
I will follow you~~~~

I guess that suits halloween :)

Dwayne oh Dwayn-eeeeee~~ Someday I will write a dialogue for you and I :)

Look forward to it :)

I have a rough plan in my head :)

The whole gang :) excluding me, sadly :)

The whole gang + Vamp ( is he from our school? )

This looks... Gay. In a good way.

He looks surprisingly good in that

looks pretty crowded

I will follow you~~

molest you wherever you will go~~

Priceless expression John :)

Didn't notice it until I zoomed in

I guess there was...

A lot of physical contact eh guys? :)

Hey, whose the grim Reaper? I think I saw that mask at 1 utama that day...

Omar + Grim Reaper

Hey, it was Omar's birthday? Didn't know

Vamp + Grim Reaper = ??

Yeah, I always wondered what would happen if a Vamp and Grim Reaper mated

What? I'm just curious :)

Eve, Angus, Jenny

They got their face done

It looks good, really :)

Scary lar Jong... Wait , that's your name right if I'm not mistaken?

So sorry the picture is not vertical, uploaded it wrongly :D

This looks real O.O

Many more pics but I won't upload them all. I just took the good ones. It takes almost forever to upload pics with the Internet here...

Well, that was halloween at TGI Friday for ya :)

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Any points for improvement would be appreciated :)

Toodles :)

Dan the man~

Sorry I didn't put a dialog in. Wanted to, but well, some people think it's too long. Oh well :)