Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun Day for Student Council members

This week student council (SC) meeting were less formal compare to the previous weeks cause we all have decided it's time for us to pull ourself out from the everyday stress and just gather together and have some fun ^_^ A very special thank to Ganesan and his crew member in organizing the game for today and we laugh our heart out during the game =) it's been a long time since there's laughter in our weekly meeting

our first game were based on the our memory skills, it's basically we need to pass the message given from one member to another until we reach the end..the last person are required to write the last passed message on the board and compared with the original message..Here's some picture for illustration =P

The first game; pass the message~~

The second group for the first game~~

team two members!!
Leon and Kumiko

Yun Yee and Bernie are having a heart to heart conversation?? =P

Danny are not sure on what's to write after the last message~~
Terence trying a peek on the answer~~maybe not =P
the second game were more like a picture taboo game and I manage to record a video during the game and it was hilarious ^_^ therefore, I'll just let the video to do the explanation =P

Daniel Hamzy



Hope you all enjoy my first post~~see you all soon