Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Flying Shoes

Okay, you guys must be wondering about the weird post name, but I'll get to that later :)

First off we'll start with our meeting. It's not exactly the minutes of the meeting or anything like that, but I'll discuss about the most important things that were in the meeting.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take some pictures. No worries, maybe next time, you guys just got to bear with reading :D It's okay, I promise there'll be one or two pics by the end of this post.

Adeline Chen introduced herself at the start of the meeting to the new recruits who still do not really know her (like myself :)) She's back from her hometown, and she's our Public Relations Officer. Nice meeting you by the way :)

Anyway, we continued with (yours truely :)) going up to talk about the games we're going to have for Lantern Festival. It was kinda unexpected, was informed earlier that day only, but it's okay, I like unpredictable stuff. And being the spontaneous guy I am, (Mardigras post hoho :)) I went up and talked.

Danny : Okay guys, you all know Lantern Festival is next Friday right?

The Crowd : Er... Really ar?

Danny : =.= Anyway, the first game were gonna play is the Fox and the Lantern

The Crowd : Ooohh....

Danny : It's the game where you know, the Bapa Ayam protects the-

Elliot : Bapa Ayam!?

Danny : LOL. Okay Okay, sorry, wrong term used. The ibu ayam -

Chaman : Danny, English, some can't understand Malay.

Danny : Okay, the chicken mother -

The Crowd : LOL

Danny : Haha, seriously now, the parent will have to protect the 4 little children from the opposing team. The last child holds a lit lantern. They will try to make each other's light go off.

By the way, those who don't know what Bapa Ayam is... It's... nevermind, go ask a friend who knows Malay :)

Oh yeah, there will be a minimum of four teams. If there are many people then perhaps we could have eight? But we'll see how on that day. 2 teams will go against each other. The winner of each team will go against each other until one winner is found. It's like you know, the chart for football or basketball competitions? Yeah :)

Then I proceeded to tell about the next game, which is after the buffet. The lighting candles and water gun game. We have to test run the game before we can really conclude how we're gonna play this game but, here's how it roughly works. Teams of two will be formed. One person is blindfolded, and the other person guides him or her to light the candle. Points will be given for the candles lighted within time limit. Then yeah, they will use a water gun to put out the candles. Points will be given for the candles that are put out and do not drop.

Something along those lines, still have to be tested. And we have to come up with a backup incase it rains or is too windy. The last game is the longest. I feel a tad bit lazy to explain but... I guess I'll just do it. Bear with me :) I know this is getting long.

The last game requires people in teams of 5 to run with that lantern to a designated location. Only the first two teams will qualify to the next round. There will be 5 mooncake on two tables, one table for each team. Only one of the mooncakes has a paper inside. So you know, it's like 20% chance. If they get it, they must answer the riddle in the paper before they can proceed.

Then they will run an obstacle course that we will set on that day. We probably will obstruct the contestants too :) So anyway, the treasure will be there at the end of the line. Phew :)

So later, Michelle and Chaman went on to talk about Prom Night (Yeah~) Were going to start selling tickets by next week. The first two weeks of sales, the tickets are priced atRM110. These are for the early birds. After that the tickets will be priced at RM150.


Can save RM40 you know. And only limited to the first 150 tickets.

Okay, so when we got to our respective teams to discuss stuff about Prom Night, Daniel asked me about the games. So after some talk, we decided to discuss the games there with everyone.

So since I wrote a review about the games, I went up to talk about it.

The four games are in the posts 'Let the games Begin', 'Honey if you love me please Smile :D' and 'Mercy Chaman' Hoho.

-Cinderella Game

When I explained this game I showed them my shoe. To explain clearly :) It flew off my feet when I took it out (Too tight..) Why is this important? You'll see at the end of the post. (I am so gonna kill you Leon...)

My Adidas Shoe :D

-Honey if you love me Please Smile :D


-Rubber Band Game

And we got two new suggestions :



I will review the two new games another time :)

Please look forward to it :)

So after the meeting, I walked out of the school and headed home (Centrepoint Hostel)

On the road opposite of the bus stop, I met Leon, Hui Shan, Yong Jian and Louis.

Leon, who was awed and inspired by my taking out of my shoe, decided to launch his slippers at my face =.=

It hit me squarely in the forehead. I stumbled and was stunned.

You see the red mark? It's proof !

According to Leon, he didn't mean to do it, and he wanted to retract his leg but didn't do it in time before the slipper was launched for explosion.

Danny : Hey all!! :D

Leon : Target Acquired. Launching 3...2...1... *SHIUUUU*

Danny : Watcha all do- *PONG* *Twists body and falls to the floor*

Leon : Heuston, we have a problem :D

Imagine taking a big shoe from Leon in the head :) Ok lar... It was a slipper :D And I gotta give you credit. You should be a football player ya know. You might be famous someday. Use your skill to attack goalkeepers of opposing teams. AHAHA they all sure pay good money to use you :D

Edit : I might have exaggerated abit :)

Till next time then :)