Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Games Review (Literally)

Okay guys, time for the games review I promised :) ( this is for prom night, games 1-4 are reviewed in earlier posts)

Game Suggestion 5 : Bongo-Bongo

You know honestly, I find it weird that this game is called Bongo-bongo. Were also abit unsure whether it's the right name for the game.

So I did some intensive research online on this game. Yeah, wonders of the Internet ya know.


I ain't kidding.

Phantom Shadow Beast, in the Legend of Zelda.

Ignore the ring tone advert

There is even a guide to defeat this phantom boss.

- Equip your sacred Lens of Truth

- Draw your bow and attack his hands (those floating thingys)

- Once he falls to the ground, use your Z-sword to hack his eyes out.

- The boss may cry in pain, just ignore it

- His 'hands' may knock you off the platform, use an antidote if you get poisoned.

Wow, really, I never thought this could be bongo-bongo.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the real bong-bongo game :

- We will name an item, like plastic cup, spoon, fork, bottle, hair or anything at all.

- So the people will have to start looking for them.

- The first person to bring the item wins

- I'm sure you guys are familiar with this game

I get the feeling some of you are looking more forward to the Legend of Zelda than the real bongo-bongo game. Come on, we can't bring a Nintendo Wee to Prom Night or whatever console that game is on.

Zelda ring tones anyone?

Game Suggestion 6 : Glam-o-rous

About this game, it was originally called the Yam-seng game. How it became Glam-o-rous? (Take note I am a banana and I don't even know what I'm writting)

Ah Kau : Wo bu hui chiang hua Yi

Ah Gou : Wo yau Yam-seng

Ah Kau : Ni shi anjing.


LOL. I really don't know what I'm writting. Gou means dog right? Anjing also means dog. Ah Kau also can mean dog I think. Ok lar, someone teach me Mandarin after this.

Back to the game, sorry for side-tracking. Just thought you guys were getting bored, no?

Anyway, we will ask each table to chant the word Glam-o-rous. This is done during around dinner time while people are having their meals.

The table with the loudest chant wins something of course.

Well, I think that raps it up. Dwayne, I'll update about the banner tomorrow. My inbox got problem don't know why can't access your email although I clicked it about a hundred times like that. Daniel, I will also update about the awards.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go.

The games review, it does have to do with SC. Technically lar, since I really was 'dedicated' enough to go online to thoroughly search for the true nature of bongo-bongo. Haha, well, I really hoped you guys liked it :)


dan the man~
p.s. Zelda's just so cute


Emoporer said...

Sort of like Cleopetra? Who demands strange items from her people?