Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fox Named Danny

*WARNING, Long Post Ahead, Many Dialogs*

So today was the test run for Lantern Festival

It was good :)

There were problems, but we found solutions and took necessary actions :)

What kinda problems? We'll get to that soon :)

Our team leader for the Fox and the Lantern is Yong Jian :D

Dang, I didnt take a picture of him, I'll just steal one from Leon's blog :)

You'll know later why I put a picture of him karaoka-ing :)

Problem 1 : Fox and the Lantern

Yong Jian : Oh no!! It's the big bad wolf !!

The Fox Named Danny : I'm a fox dude....

Yong Jian : Help!! HElp!! Wolf in the field!!

Chaman : Is that Yong Jian? That's the third time he's lying about a wolf in the field. Let's not listen to him, the poor boy just won't learn *tsk tsk*

Yong Jian : Chaman, you gotta help me, Legend has it that during the full moon on Lantern festival, our Emcee Danny will turn into... A WOLF!!

The Fox Named Danny : I'm a fox.....

Yong Jian : You see!! He admits!! He's going to eat little red riding HUI SHAN NOOOOOOO!!!

Chaman : Yong Jian, he's a fox, so that's three times you lied to us.

The Fox Named Danny : Finally someone who listens....

Well, so much for the fox problem. It was all a misunderstanding :) The fox is harmless. Come on, I won't bite :)

Problem 2 : Lighting Candles

The Fox Named Danny : So your telling me... I'm supposed to huff-and puff and wha??

Yong Jian : Yes, blow the candle down, to show that your really a wolf...

The Fox Named Danny : Okay, first of all, I'm not a wolf, second of all, why should I help you, and third of all, why are you whispering??

Yong Jian : You gotta help me!! I've lied 3 times to Chaman!! Now he's gonna make me play foosball with him for all Eternity!! And everytime I lose I have to pay him 1 ringgit!!

The Fox Named Danny : Have you realized at the end of each of your sentences there's a double '!!' sign?

Yong Jian : That's besides the point!! Oops, I did it again...


Yong Jian : Er... Yeah?

The Fox Named Danny : No wonder you shaved your head bald. Okay okay, I'll help you.

Yong Jian : Really?

The Fox Named Danny : I huff and puff and *blows with all his might*

Chaman : =.=

The Fox Named Danny : ??

Chaman : my precious... CHEST HAIR!!

Yong Jian : We should run now

The Fox Named Danny : Right behind you dude!

So the Fox Named Danny (I just love that name!) blew Chaman's chest hair off. This is really starting to become a fairy tale...

Going back to reality, cardboards will be given to people to stop the wind from blowing out the candles in the game. Ah... this feels a little less interesting than the Fox Named Danny story. Even I feel that way. SO let's go to the next story :) Part 3!!

Problem 3 : Treasure Hunt

*Yong Jian and The Fox Named Danny start running from Chaman who is no longer Hairy, with lanterns held in their hands*

The Fox Named Danny : Where did these Lanterns come from??

Yong Jian : Just follow the script will you!?

The Fox Named Danny : Ah... Okay Okay, where was I? Oh, we're in the Running With Lantern Game now

Yong Jian : Oh no!! He's gaining on us!! Run faster lar!!

The Fox Named Danny : Were holding lanterns dude... And there you go again with the double '!!' sign

Yong Jian : That's not important...

The Fox Named Danny : It's in the script!

Yong Jian : Oh... so sorr-

Chaman : MY PRECIOUS!!

Yong Jian : Head for the mooncakes!!

The Fox Named Danny : Here's the riddle. There are 3 mooncakes, you take away two, how many mooncakes do you have ?

Yong Jian : I think the answer is-

The Fox Named Danny : WHY ARE WE ANSWERING THIS!? just run!!

Ah... Forgot to buy flour for Omar, be right back.... I know very potong steam, but nevermind lar, go get some pop corn. It's getting good :)

K, i'm back, let's continue with the fairy tale!! :)

Yong Jian : Oh no!! It's an obstacle course!!

The Fox Named Danny : It's a catwalk, or foxwalk if you want :)

Yong Jian : Start crawling!! Start Hopping over the white flour circles!! We're almost there!!

The Fox Named Danny : There's no time! He's catching up, how did he do it??

Chaman : I skipped the obstacle course

Yong Jian : Why didn't we think of that??

Chaman : HAHA, you are all MINE. Any last words??

The Fox Named Danny : As a matter of fact, we do! Come on Yong Jian!!

Yong Jian : What?

The Fox Named Danny : Oh yea yea yea yea....

Yong Jian : Oops I did it again~

The Fox Named Danny : I played with your Hair~

Yong Jian : Got lost in your bush~~

The Fox Named Danny : Oh baby baby...

Yong Jian : Oops you, think I'm involved~

The Fox Named Danny : That it's on purpose~


The Fox Named Danny : Chaman, before you kill us, there's something I want you to have...

Chaman : Oh it's beautiful! But wait a minute, isn't this...?

The Fox Named Danny : Yeah, yes it is :)

Chaman : But I thought you blew it around the field?

The Fox Named Danny : Well baby, I ran around and got it for ya :)

Chaman : Aww, you shouldn't have :D

*ha, ha, Ha CHIU!!*

Yong Jian : Oops, he, did it again to his hair~~

The Fox Named Danny : Stop singing already! Let's go, before he notices!!

Chaman : Wait!! I understand that this is all a misunderstanding. You guys don't have to play foosball with me for eternity anymore.

The Fox Named Danny : But your... Chest Hair, it's...

Chaman : Don't worry, it'll grow back, just like Britney's :D

Yong Jian : Phew, can finally stop running...

Chaman : And here, the prize for your treasure hunt.

The Fox Named Danny : Oh... isn't that the biggest hair you've ever seen?

Chaman : Those are vouchers for prom night....

Okay, I'm finally done. Such a long post. Hope you guys enjoyed it :)

Hope you all weren't bored or anything. The story is just made up lar of course, I'm just joking only, so Chaman, you're not gonna make me play foosball with you for all eternity right? :) Yeah, hope not....

Be sure you guys are there tomorrow, I'm emceeing :) Good bye! Gotta go somewhere tonight.

Oh yea, happy birthday Louise!!

And some random pics

Student Council Gang

From Left : Hui Shan, Leon, Louise, Daniel, Kumiko