Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shades...

Well, we had been having several meetings regarding the Mooncake-Lantern Festival or the Lantern Festival or whichever way it goes, we sure have many ideas for games and improvement/troubleshooting.

Hmm... I'm pretty sure Danny had already explained half (or perhaps EverytHING) of the thing that took place in the meeting... I am just here posting some extra information for teh Lulz... ANywayZ!!! I am here to summarize what he had just said... I THINK I FOUNDED A NEW JOB(^_^)

Uh... basically... what danny is trying to imply through his long post is that there will be 4 games taking place during the lantern festival which is on the 12th of September. The first game will be the Fox and Lantern ------> buffet------>candle fun-----> treasure hunt

I will explain the rule in point form I guess...

Fox and Lantern
-4 groups, each group 5 person
-The parent (leader of the group) will have to protect the child (any member) that is holding the lantern from the opposing team
-Whoever extinguish the candle in the lantern of the opposing teams wins
-Winning groups will proceed to fight with the other winning teams... the WINNAH will win a voucher???

- uh... eat and drink i guess????

Candle Fun
-2 member of the group will be playing this one.... 1 of them blindfolded, the other will guided the blinded dude to lit the candle... then the other memberz will try to extinguish teh flamez without knocking off the candle with a watah gun...

Treasure hunt
-riddles/clue in a mooncake..
-after solving the riddle, proceed to next station
-first team to finish the track(or found the treasure) wins...

Is this summarised enough??? As for the flying shoes.... Its technically not a shoe... Its a slipper... and It was amazing... never thought I could hit Danny on the head with my slipper... I didn't did it purposely though but awesome!!!